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$ 28,000
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New Sale
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We are offering a beautiful manufactured home in a family park located in Morristown, VT.
This 1979 manufactured home is 14 foot by 70 feet and has 3 bedrooms and 1 full bathroom. It sits in a park just 7 minutes from Morrisville and 10 min from Stowe. Needs appliances (fridge washer/dryer, stove and various cosmetic repairs. Electricity is functional but few rooms missing overhead lights. Roof just repaired and new hot water tank and plumbing installed. new plumbing just needs to be turned on and double checked when heater unit is installed. Old furnace was torn out and alternative heater needs to be installed. One window's glass is broken.
Cosmetic and other Repairs could include:
1) Fading outside repainted in warmer weather
2) New trim may need installation
3) replace some overhead lights
The home is being sold on retail installment contract for a term of 6 years (72 payments) at about $550/ month ($547.41 to be exact), after which the home's lien will be removed. To purchase and move into the home will cost about $2,000. This number includes the park's 1st month lot rent and security deposit, the mobile home down payment and 1st month's mobile home loan repayment, and the transfer taxes (about $140) but does not include any repairs the new owner will want to do.
The monthly loan payment will be about $550 for the trailer after the down payment. In addition, the owner will need to pay the park's lot rent of $334 per month.The park lot includes water, sewer but electricity, heating fuel and all other cost of living will be the owners responsibility as it will be their home.
Subletting of home is allowed given consent by park management.

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(802) 448-0134

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